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Friday, October 14, 2011

Shoot Like A Girl (and man up about being a woman)

Today is a HUGE day for us at the new Range, we're having a major function tonight as part of an ongoing series of FOUR Grand Openings this week! It's the culmination of some really major efforts by all of the staff, and I for one can't wait to sit back and watch the magic unfold. Having taught at 3 facilities now (and having opened two of them from the ground floor on up), I have to say that I'm constantly comparing and contrasting how other places are run versus how we are choosing to run our Range, and the difference is like night and day. I had no idea there were so many business models and plans for a shooting range. And until this past spring, I had to idea the amount of blood, sweat, and tears that goes into building a place from the ground up, let alone what a difference staffing can make. I am so proud of the new Range, and everyone who has poured their hearts and souls into making it the premier facility that it is!

Part of my duties at the new place is helping out with training some of the staff who might have less experience with firearms & firearms sales. Last week, I got to teach a coworker (and new friend) how to shoot. And she'd never held a gun before. This is, beyond anything else, my absolute favorite part of the job (with self-defense classes a close second). When a brand new shooter comes in, maybe a little nervous about having a gun in their hand, and then after I work with her, it "clicks" for her and she suddenly gets the bug and WANTS to shoot all the time...THAT is what I live for.

PS, Gentlemen, did you know the ladies are generally better shots? :) The term "shoot like a girl" is actually a huge complement!

This is the only time I ever "shot a bunny" and was happy to do so.

One of my students hit a PENNY!

I can't wait to start the self-defense classes and teach them how to "fight like a girl" as well. It's going to be a blast!


The ONLY downside to all of this celebrating is that being a premier facility, we tend to throw some swanky Grand Opening parties. I believe the first VIP tour I attended was on a yacht with about 100 other people, if that gives you any idea. This means that Bunny has to dress like a girl. Few things give me panic-inducing anxiety: air travel, Future Marine coming home late or my not knowing where he is, and dressing like a girl. I don't own skirts or dresses. I have NOTHING that could be considered "business casual" let alone "formal." I had to buy a pair of "slacks" on my way there last time because the only pants I own are jeans, yoga pants, and BDUs. That's it.

(View from the VIP Yacht Tour)

Big E is enjoying this immensely. It means Bunny is dressing like a girl and even wearing makeup. Poor guy. It must be hard to be married to me. I'm like a 12 year old boy in a soccer mom's body, and he's had to deal with that for well over a decade now. He's a good sport and I'm grateful.

And now I'm going to go whine and pout and attempt to put my hair in curlers. It will be a miracle if I don't accidentally set off a doomsday device with these things. They look like weapons. Scary, heated, painful torturous weapons.


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