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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ringmaster in the Cirque du Insanity!

The last year or so has been filled with so many ups and downs, I'm considering buying one of those motion sickness bands. And I don't just mean with my family (although we've had our share of breathtaking highs and heartbreaking lows this year) but with other family members and some family friends as well.

And I think I've reached my Maximum-capacity-for-drama threshold this week.

I can't sit here and babysit grown adults.
I don't want to deal with whatever your childhood trauma is, we've all had them. Seek professional help.
I won't indulge the pleas for attention or feed the Drama Llama anymore. (Because once you feed THAT beast, it follows you home and you never get rid of it!)
I'm not going to have my phone on 24/7 for the tantrums. If I wanted 24/7 tantrums, I'd have a toddler. I don't. Future Marine is almost in High School. Those days are way behind me.
I refuse to listen to any more insanity. I'm no longer cultivating weirdness and oddities. Act like a normal adult on occasion. It's probably healthy.

I will support sanity.
I will applaud efforts to be heathy/get healthier.
I will nurture stable friendships and cultivate NORMAL relationships.
I'm not giving you money. I don't work two full time jobs to enable your bad choices.

I am totally having a beer tonight. And I'm not going to answer my phone for 24 hours or until my blood pressure goes down, whichever comes LAST. I need a break.


(Thanks to Future Marine, Big E and Deputy Bambi for their support while I rant, rave, and possibly drool a little. Love you guys!)


Mattman said...

"Drama Llama" makes me laugh out loud, for realzies. You're the best, Sharis! Me and Mianus got nothin' but love for ya!

Sharis The Bunny said...

Thanks, Mattman. The Drama Llama is a horrible, demonic beast. Like "Tina" in Napoleon Dynamite, but instead of eating ham, it feasts on your sanity, strength, and hospitality. It devours your politeness reserves.